Little Mystic.

This is a game I made for Let's Create Game Jam #2.

This may not be a game but rather a test to determine whether or not you have psychic powers.  I have discovered that I do not.

Essentially you must choose the correct Tarot cards in order to guide the Little Mystic up to the top of his Mystic Mountain.  I was able to do it once by sheer chance.  If you are truly clairvoyant you should have no problem choosing the correct cards and defeating the game.  If you are not clairvoyant or have some kind of extra sensory perception this game will be an exercise in frustration.  

There is a hidden way to cheat.  Let's see if anyone can discover it.

Made withStencyl, OpenFL
Tags2D, lets-create, psychic, Stencyl
Average sessionA few seconds

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